With Tertulia, language isn’t a barrier.
It’s a door to be opened.
Con Tertulia, el idioma no es una barrera,
sino una puerta a abrir.

Tertulia is a creative, multilingual communications company that can help you tell your story in English or Spanish and make your message more inviting for more people. We also speak Portuguese!

Tertulia es una empresa creativa dedicada a la comunicación multilingüe que te puede ayudar a contar tu historia en inglés o español y hacer tu mensaje más acogedor para más personas. Nós também falamos português!

Meet Emily

I’m Emily Hunsberger, Tertulia’s founder and chief wordsmith. I’m a translator, writer, editor, audio storyteller, and communications generalist with experience in a wide range of fields. English, Spanish, and Portuguese are my first, second, and third languages, respectively.

What I Do


I take an ethical, culturally intelligent approach to translation on behalf of clients whose intention is to effectively reach a specific audience. I translate from Spanish and Portuguese > English and from English > Spanish.

Literary Translation

I translate fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in Spanish by women writers from the United States and Latin America into English. My literary translations have been published in the US and Canada.

Multilingual Communications Consulting

There’s the translation, and then there’s what you do with the translation. I help bridge the gap with advising, media relations, multilingual glossary development, interview and meeting facilitation, and more.

Multilingual Audio Production

I conceived, produced, wrote, recorded, edited, sound designed, and published my own Spanish-language podcast, Tertulia, and I take a linguistically inclusive approach as a contributor for other audio projects (in English and Spanish).

Writing and Editing

I write original poetry, reported articles, press releases, grant proposals, research papers, podcast and literary criticism and reviews, and assorted copy in English and Spanish. My writing has been published online and in print. I also edit original texts and translations.

Testimonials From Clients and Collaborators

Escucha Tertulia, el podcast

Tertulia es un podcast independiente en español (2017-2022) sobre cómo personas de carne y hueso en los Estados Unidos usan el idioma español para fortalecer la convivencia social, transmitir su cultura, recuperar su identidad y ejercer sus derechos.

Una tertulia is a conversation. It's also a space where dreams are welcome.

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