Treasures for bebés bilingües

I have a couple of resources to share with other bilingual parents/teachers out there. Several months ago I started to search for books, music, and other media en español that I could use at home to create a bilingual environment for my baby, and I am sharing my favorites here on my blog.

I have nearly exhausted the collection of Spanish and bilingual board books at the local libraries, and in the process I have been able to sift out the good from the mediocre. I highly recommend the books in the English-Spanish Foundations Series by me + mi publishing. They are competently written and edited in both languages (which is very important to me), they cover topics that are helpful for language acquisition, and they are culturally grounded in the United States, rather than Latin America. Click on the image below to head to their website and view their catalogue.


I am very excited about the other treasure that I would like to share. He is a bilingual children’s musician who goes by 123 Andrés. We love his first album, which features original songs in different styles (e.g. bachata, salsa, plena, reggae, even a bolero that is a love song dedicated to animals) and positive messages that address issues relevant to different Latino experiences in the U.S. (e.g. “Mi padre fue un trabajador migrante”). He also has several videos of his songs on YouTube. And his new album comes out this June. We can’t wait!

As always, I have no affiliation with these authors/artists, I just like to spread the word when I find something good!