About Emily

I’m Emily Hunsberger, Tertulia’s founder and chief wordsmith.

I’m a translator, writer, editor, audio storyteller, and communications generalist with experience in the fields of education, international civil society, community-based work in the US, immigrant rights, adult literacy, art, film, literature, and podcasting, among others. English, Spanish, and Portuguese are my first, second, and third languages, respectively.

Over the course of my career, I’ve cultivated a unique set of skills to be able to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps. While I’m formally educated in the norms and traditions of these three languages, I’m also an observer, a listener, and a question-asker. I participate in these living, breathing languages through relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. My strengths include an openness to different varieties of linguistic expression and a desire to understand the impact of linguistic ideologies and prejudices, all with the goal of reaching more people.

Prior to founding Tertulia, I worked for Avina, LEDC, and as an adjunct college-level Spanish instructor. I hold a B.A. in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Cornell University and an M.A. in Spanish and Multicultural Education from George Mason University. I live with my family in Philadelphia.

What does tertulia mean?

Una tertulia is a gathering of people for conversation and community. (Check out this Wikipedia article about tertulias). Tertulia is one of my favorite words in Spanish and the name of the creative, multilingual communications company that I founded in 2014. It’s also the name of the independent, Spanish-language podcast I produced from 2017-2022 about how Spanish is used by real people in the US to build community, transmit culture, reclaim identity, and exercise rights.

Tertulia in the Media

Articles and interviews featuring Tertulia’s founder and chief wordsmith, Emily Hunsberger.

Hablemos, escritoras

Listen to my interview (in Spanish) with Adriana Pacheco of the podcast Hablemos, escritoras: “Emily Hunsberger y su Tertulia” (2022).

Speaking Tongues

Listen to my interview with Elle Charisse of the podcast Speaking Tongues: “Speaking US Spanish with Tertulia Podcast” (2021).

Entre Dos

Listen to my interview with Paulo Niño Kehr and Mónika Leal of the podcast Entre Dos: “What Kind of Spanish Do You Speak? The U.S. as a Spanish-Speaking Country” (2019).

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