Tertulia’s mission is to support the use of Spanish as a vibrant language for culture, commerce, and community building.

Tertulia provides an array of bilingual (English-Spanish) consulting services, including: writing, research, media relations, translation, translation review, editing, glossary development, interview and meeting facilitation, workshop delivery, reporting, and more.

Tertulia elects to work with clients that consider Spanish-language communications materials as only one component of an intentional effort to reach humans whose dominant language is Spanish. All of Tertulia’s bilingual communications consulting services are centered around the following principles:

The US is a Spanish-speaking country.

Spanish has a long history in the territory now known as the United States. The United States is currently the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

Effective communication can be a form of language justice.

In the US, English is the language of power, and it can offer protection from harm and access to many institutions and areas of life. Translation, interpretation, and effective (plain language) communication in Spanish can offer an alternative form of protection and access for people who are Spanish-dominant.

Language vibrancy is boosted by lifelong learning, literacy, and cultural expression.

A vibrant language is one that is used actively by its speakers in many different areas of life. Spanish is a language fit to use everywhere from the classroom to the board room, from the stage to the town hall.

Let’s dream something up together.