Literary Translation

Translating is like breathing for me: daily, necessary, often imperceptible.

An affinity for the close scrutiny of language, a fondness for literature, and a propensity for taking on linguistic challenges inform my quest to honorably retell what another has said through the special kind of alchemy that is literary translation. I translate fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other literary forms from Spanish into English. My work has been featured in Spanglish Voces, Anfibias Literarias, Orden de Traslado, and Translators Aloud (and translations forthcoming in Latin American Literature Today and The Southern Review).

Back in My Body

Mexican writer Daniela Becerra and I met when we both had pieces in Spanish selected for the #Evolving series published by Spanglish Voces. My piece was a poem (“Homenaje a mi panza”), hers was short nonfiction (“Volver a habitar el cuerpo”), but we both sensed a connection between our writing, particularly along the themes of motherhood and the female body as a place where cruelty, self-loathing, love, and new life manifest themselves in a palpable way. Spanglish Voces recently published my English translation of Becerra’s nonfiction piece, “Back in My Body.” (2021)

Volver a habitar el cuerpo/Back in My Body

Mexican writer Daniela Becerra and I recorded this bilingual reading of her original piece and my translation (“Volver a habitar el cuerpo” / “Back in My Body“) for Women in Translation Month 2021 for the Translators Aloud YouTube channel.

Tú me quieres blanca/You’d Have Me White

I translated Alfonsina Storni’s poem “Tú me quieres blanca” into English subtitles for this short film for Orden de Traslado’s YouTube channel, featuring an interpretative reading by Yaissa Jiménez.

Tú me quieres blanca/You’d Have Me White

Anfibias Literarias published Alfonsina Storni’s poem “Tú me quieres blanca” along with my English translation, “You’d Have Me White.”

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