Selected examples of Tertulia’s recent work in bilingual communications and audio storytelling:

La Peña

La Peña is a special Tertulia series that I produced, featuring readings of poetry and fiction by US-based authors to celebrate literature in Spanish with roots in the United States. The series was co-curated with writer Melanie Márquez Adams. (2021)

Las estrellas de Indianápolis

I wrote, edited, and produced this episode of Tertulia about two bilingual Latina journalists who convinced the The Indianapolis Star to start paying attention the Latinx community in central Indiana and orchestrated a strategy to publish information in Spanish in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. (2021)

La lengua de la serpiente

I wrote, edited, and produced this episode of Tertulia about language justice and reclaiming ancestral identity, including interviews with a friend reflecting on her family’s loss of the Quechua language in Peru and the organizers of a Spanish workshop for Latinx people called Serpent’s Tongue in Asheville, NC. (2020)

Latinos to become largest racial or ethnic minority group In the electorate

I pitched, planned, and conducted two interviews, in English and Spanish, that were included in Season 4 of ¿Qué Pasa, Midwest?, which was dedicated to census and election coverage (this episode includes one of the interviews I conducted). The season won a 2020 Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation. (2019)

Festival de cine trae un poco de Latinoamérica al oeste de Michigan por un fin de semana

I created and distributed this press release in Spanish for the 2019 Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival. (2019)

Inmersos/Immersed: A Quest to Find Out How Many Spanish-Speaking Children Benefit from the Spanish Immersion Education Boom

I delivered a presentation based on the research I conducted for my “Inmersos/Immersed” podcast series for Tertulia at the Observatory of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the United States’ 2021 symposium, New Perspectives on Hispanic Cultures: Hispanism and Spanish in the U.S. over the Last 30 Years. [See minute 1:47:52 in the video.] (2021)

En busca de mi tocaya

I pitched, wrote, and voiced this original nonfiction piece in both Spanish for the multilingual narrative podcast Ochenta Cuentos. I also wrote and voiced an English version of the piece. (2021)

Kitchen Spanish

I pitched, reported, and co-produced this episode for the podcast Racist Sandwich to explore Kitchen Spanish, a sort of practical patois used among English-dominant gringos and Spanish-dominant Latinos that work side-by-side in restaurant kitchens. For this piece, I interviewed staff (in English and Spanish) from restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI, including Donkey Taquería and MeXo. (2018)

Actividades para hacer en casa

I worked with the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum to create culturally-appropriate content in Spanish to encourage at-home play and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. (2020)

Usted puede ser la pieza que falta en la vida de un niño en riesgo

I worked with the West Michigan Partnership for Children to create a culturally appropriate, Spanish-language version of a brochure to recruit Spanish-speaking families to serve as foster parents. (2019)

Trilingual glossary and translator reference guide

I worked with Fundación Avina to create a trilingual (Spanish-English-Portuguese) institutional glossary containing nearly 350 terms and an accompanying translator reference guide to increase the consistency and the quality of translations done by different translators. (2020)

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