I write in English and Spanish across a broad range of genres and topics.

I write original poetry as well as nonfiction, whether it’s about my own academic and non-academic research, criticism and book reviews, or reporting. My work has been featured in Bello Collective, Spanglish Voces, Latin American Literature Today, Latino Book Review, and Estudios del Observatorio / Observatorio Studies.

Homenaje a mi panza

An original poem in Spanish, selected for the #Evolving series published by Spanglish Voces. (2021)

Book Review of The Miracle Unfolds

I wrote a review of The Miracle Unfolds, by Juana Rosa Pita, translated by Erin Goodman, for Latin American Literature Today. I also wrote a more brief review of the same book, in English and Spanish, for Latino Book Review. (2021)

Anything for La Brega

I wrote this reflection on two bilingual podcasts, Anything for Selena and La Brega, for the Translation Issue of the podcast newsletter Bello Collective. I also wrote a Spanish version of the piece. (2021)

El programa de alfabetización de adultos del Movimiento Barrios de Pie

For my undergraduate honors thesis, I traveled to Argentina to study an adult literacy campaign led by Movimiento Barrios de Pie, as well as reviewed the historical link between adult literacy campaigns and popular movements in Latin America. (2005) Note: the attached PDF does not include the appendix.

Inmersos/Immersed: A Quest to Find Out How Many Spanish-Speaking Children Benefit from the Spanish Immersion Education Boom

This paper, based on my presentation of the same title at the Observatory of the Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures in the United States’ 2021 symposium New Perspectives on Hispanic Cultures: Hispanism and Spanish in the U.S. over the Last 30 Years, was selected for publication in the Observatory’s journal, Estudios del Observatorio / Observatorio Studies. Both the presentation and the paper were based on the research I conducted for the “Inmersos/Immersed” podcast series for Tertulia. (2021)

Are We on the Cusp of a Boom in Spanish-Language Podcasting?

I pitched and reported this state-of-the-industry piece for the podcast newsletter Bello Collective, compiling research and interviews in both English and Spanish. (2017)

Undergraduate Students of Spanish: Motivations and Attitudes

For my master’s thesis, I surveyed undergraduate students enrolled in every level of Spanish offered at George Mason University during the Spring 2011 semester and conducted interviews with a subset of participants from three home language profiles that were enrolled in different levels of Spanish. (2011)

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